Well, He Asked For It …

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In his final days, while the country was collapsing all around him, President Bush,remarkably out of his depth, chose to ride out the crash by giving endless interviews defending the decisions he had made during his tenure in office. “History will vindicate me” was his team’s constant mantra.

(Meanwhile, during the chaotic economic collapse and hijacking of a couple of trillion dollars by the notorious Paulsen-Bernanke gang, the administration’s most experienced high-level businessman, former Big-Biz CEO Dick Cheney, was meeting with Bush as often as possible. To discuss the disastrous, disintegrating economy? No, he was relentlessly pressing Bush to obtain a presidential pardon for his felonious former chief of staff, Lewis Libby).Now, Senator Patrick Leahy volunteers to be Bush’s Grim Reaper, as he launches a two-pronged effort to grant Bush’s wish: first, a “Truth Commission,” and second, criminal prosecutions where indicated, centering on (but not limited to) torture.

This is the first page of the history of the Bush Administration. Most historians can’t issue subpoenas, but Leahy can, and you’d be amazed what people will say when they are testifying under the penalty of perjury (and contemplating Lewis Libby’s fate with every word).

Well, Bush can’t say he didn’t ask for it. Gentlemen, start your engines!

9:51 am on March 5, 2009