Wearing the Ring Is Bad for Your Health

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Doug French points out that Obama is already aging, a process Doug avidly follows with all presidents. This physical toll is usually explained by the “burdens of office,” tnat the president is sacrificing himself for all of us.

In fact, of course, presidents age so quickly, and even get uglier, for the same reason Gollum did in Tolkien’s great Lord of the Rings when he wore the One Ring, and even Bilbo and Frodo, though they gave it up voluntarily. The One Ring is a metaphor for political power. Those who desire the great evil of coercive power over others, let alone exercise it, are physically as well as spiritually corrupted. Just look at US presidents. By the way, political power never leads to good. Mises was once asked what he would do if he were made dictator. “Resign,” he answered, the reply of a moral man.

11:34 am on March 5, 2009