‘We Must Not Cut Defense!’

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Oh yeah? Forget that Secretary Gates waited until he was on the way out the door of the Pentagon to admit that no one in the building knew how much money they spent, or even how many people worked in the building!

Here’s an easy $300 MILLION to cut, right now: “The Department of Defense awarded the Washington area $268.9 million to ease gridlock near two top military hospitals that have seen a surge of patients and employees since the summer,” the Washington Examiner reports.

In the midst of this depression, Washington is already the richest region in the country. So now Pentagon bureaucrats give  their local counterparts and their fellow union members $300 million of our money to “ease gridlock.” Apparently defending the country means giving bureaucrats less time on the road at taxpayer expense.

I’ll tell you how to ease gridlock: Fire ten percent of all federal workers per year for each of the next five years, and cut their agency budgets commensurately. Soon taxpayers visiting Washington will be asking, “Where did all the gridlock go?”

4:08 pm on November 2, 2011