“We Are Going to Seize Cash, Bank Accounts, Jewelry, Artwork, Houses, Cars, Boats. . .”

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Those aren’t the words from a script for “The Sopranos,” but the blabbering of a socialist-minded government lawyer in heat, the Maryland U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein.

After “subprime” borrowers began defaulting on home loans in Baltimore City, the city government panicked over the loss of property tax revenue. So they’re suing Wells Fargo Bank for allegedly preying upon the presumably ignorant, helpless, and unable-to-read-mortgage-applications population of the city. Although this is nothing but a wild and unsubstantiated accusation by a city government whose mayor was just indicted for felony theft, perjury, fraud, and misconduct in office, the U.S. Attorney is chomping at the bit to loot and plunder Wells Fargo employees, many of whom were strongarmed by the same U.S. government into making all those bad loans in the first place.

8:36 am on February 22, 2009