Wayne Allyn Root Quits Libertarian Party

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Good news!

Former Libertarian Party (LP) vice-presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root has announced he is leaving the LP and resigning his positions with the Libertarian National Committee and Libertarian National Campaign Committee.

Root says he will be running for US Senate as a Republican in the future.

Root has been controversial for his strong support of US wars and belligerent foreign policy. For the last 5 years, Root has been the figurehead for pro-intervention LP members. He had been running for the 2012 LP presidential nomination since 2008 but pulled out earlier this year when it became clear he had little chance of winning.

Since withdrawing his candidacy, Root has spoken about the importance of supporting Mitt Romney for President.

Root has proved to be a major embarrassment for the LP by making a number of pro-war and anti-liberty pronouncements. But many desperate LP leaders have been hesitant to remove him from party leadership positions, pursuing an “open tent” strategy to include non- and pseudo-libertarians.

11:17 am on September 6, 2012