“Wave the Flag for Hudson High”

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Tom:  Geezers of my generation will recognize the source of the Hudson High quote!

Are there no limits to how far the war-whoopers will go to make games – which are supposed to be fun – a setting for celebrating the psychotic nature of war?  They began with players leading their team-mates onto the field with big American flags.  But that wasn’t enough. They then resorted to player uniforms with the camouflage patterns. Next came the blood-spattered American flag uniforms and helmets.  What is to follow? We can’t let it go at that, otherwise it will appear that Boll Weevil State isn’t doing its part to “support the troops.”  Perhaps a team can have a “wounded warrior” – perhaps with artificial arms and legs – receive the opening kickoff and run down the field for a touchdown.  The opposing team would not have the bad taste (i.e., treasonous disposition) to try to tackle this guy.  Furthermore, the ball-carrier could be escorted, on his touchdown run, by a color-guard from each of the military franchises – and with each member carrying a flag – as they follow him into the end-zone.

Perhaps one of the corporate-sponsored bowl games can take it to the next level: a half-time extravaganza where a group of anti-war people will be forced onto the field to be attacked and eaten by hungry lions. This should satisfy all-right thinking people, provided egalitarian standards are adhered to in the selection of those to be sacrificed! How could the principles of “American exceptionalism” be satisfied with anything less?

11:54 am on November 9, 2013