Watergate, Yankees, Cowboys, and the Bush Dynasty

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After reading Murray Rothbard’s classic “Notes on Watergate” posted at LRC I got out my aging 40 year old copy of the Kirkpatrick Sale article he praised, “The World Behind Watergate” to again peruse. Murray, as always, is absolutely on-target with his assessment of its importance. There is nothing quite like Sale’s pionering power elite analysis of the dynamic backstory between the northeastern seaboard “Yankees” and the southwestern Sunbelt “Cowboys.” I have long held that a major contributing reason for the incredible success of the Bush dynasty in American political life has been their remarkable agility to straddle both hegemonic worlds, in both sinister manifestations of the “underworld” of organized crime and the “overworld” of the elite establishment.

UPDATE: Thanks to a resourceful LRC reader, here is Kirkpatrick Sale’s “The World Behind Watergate.” The prefatory note before the article is from long-time JFK assassination researcher, the late Harold Weisberg. This item was located in the digital Harold Weisberg Archive. Finally here are two other fascinating items of interest related to these matters from the collection: number one, and number two.

10:20 am on June 1, 2013