Was Hillary Behind the Patraeus Zippergate Affair?

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Here’s my contribution to conspiracy theories regarding the latest D.C Zippergate scandal: Judge Napalitano’s comment about how the FBI had to know about the affair Patraeus had with that woman who looks like ‘Miss Hathaway‘ on ‘The Beverly Hillbillies” when he was up for Senate confirmation reminded me of the Clinton administration FBI files scandal. The Clintons illegally possessed hundreds of FBI files of Republican political appointees, apparently to use to extort obedience or at least non-opposition from them — or else. This was always Hillary’s doing according to all the news reports at time.

Someone has to take the fall for the death of those Americans at the Libyan consulate. Now Hillary’s supporters can argue that it happened because the CIA director was too busy with “Miss Hathaway.” Just a thought. I still think the most likely reason for Zippergate is that Patraeus was not entirely on board with the project of carpet bombing and/or nuking Iran and Syria.

7:38 pm on November 13, 2012