‘Wasn’t Dr. Paul great today!’

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Writes Craig Spanton: “Thanks: For everything I have learned as a student of Austrian Economics for the past 15 years. Sorry: For thinking ‘Oh no, please Ron Paul, monetary policy is not part of a winning presidential campaign.’

“I feel like I am the guy in the office ([brokerage], where you would think some economic knowledge would exist) who knows the secret that nobody else knows. I just can’t thank you (and the whole Mises community) enough for what I have learned. It is fun to have friends and colleagues say ‘Damn, Craig, you were right on all this, huh?’

“By the way I no longer allow people to talk about Republican versus Democrat to me. I just tell them they are both interventionists and I am a non-interventionist, in markets, in foreign policy, in your bedroom, etc.

“Watching these pols and talking heads with no true belief system try to decide what to think is quite the show, isn’t it?

“Wasn’t Dr. Paul great today!”

9:05 pm on September 24, 2008