Washington Post: “Southern Republicans have seceded from sanity”

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Neocon Kathleen Parker has written an amazing piece of tediously conventional, anti-Southern trash out of sheer ignorance. Parker blames the dereliction of the GOP – which has become a party with barely noticeable distinctions from its Democratic opponent – on “ignorant, right-wing, Bible-thumping rednecks.” Miss Parker, in her bigoted sketch making modern Southerners look like slaveholder wannabees, refers to a “sense of a resurgent Old South and all the attendant pathologies of festering hate and fear.” 

Miss Parker hilariously hallucinates with politically-correct fantasies that bring forth visuals of the glorious North still fighting the Civil War, trying to end slavery in the South. Perhaps she is fantasizing about a new version of Abraham Lincoln, a known racist, when she comments that the Republicans should collectively “drive a stake through the heart of Old Dixie.” According to Parker, her GOP – the GOP that gave us the Security State, the Patriot Act, myriad wars, a militarized police state, a corporatist Wall Street, and the worst budget snafus ever – is the good GOP, yet it has been co-opted by these roving bands of skeptical Southerners fighting the mega-socialist state being put forth by Obama and his committed minions. How dare they! If only they could all just get along and play the partisan game, we could move forward swimmingly and enjoy our lives under tyranny in unity and peace.

As one who has grown up – and lives – in the land of the glorious, triumphant Union, and has one who has traveled extensively throughout the South since the early 1980s, learning about its people and its culture up close and personal, I have witnessed no greater polarization and hate and racism than right here in the North. In fact, I invite Miss Parker (born in Florida, living in South Carolina) to come up here to Detroit if she wants to see hate and fear and racism – of both the black and white variety.

Or perhaps she can take the time to breeze through U.S. census data. It is well known that the most segregated cities in the U.S. are northern, and in fact, most data shows that they are Midwestern industrial cities. Whether or not you use the 1990 census data or the 2000 data, the cities on the list remain consistent: Detroit, Milwaukee, Ceveland, Chicago, Buffalo, Gary, Newark, Cincinnati, etc. Yet since a few scattered Southern Republicans oppose the merging of the minds for a Republicrat-Demopublican joint force to subdue liberty once and for all, it must be that hate-racist thing rearing its reptilian mind again.

Since Miss Parker is in fact ignorant of history and can only recite modern scuttlebutt that will please her colleagues in the media and Washington D.C., I’ll remind her of the scholar Alex de Tocqueville, who said“Race prejudice seems stronger in those states that have abolished slavery than in those where it still exists, and nowhere is it more intolerant than in those states where slavery was never known.” Some things haven’t changed in the last 150+ years, Miss Parker. Y’all come on up here and learn for yourself instead of flinging rhetoric from the establishment pulpit known as the Washington Post.

3:58 am on August 5, 2009