Washington Post on “In Debt” vs. “Insolvent”

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This is one from the “Yes, someone really wrote this” files. The Washington Post “fact checker,” Josh Hicks, has put it in writing that the United States government, in spite of its trillions of debt, is not insolvent because insolvency implies an inability to pay debt, and the US can pay its debt because it “has little trouble” borrowing or printing money.

Young Josh calls himself a “government/watchdog” journalist. If that is a watchdog bark, I can’t wait to hear from the poodle in the pantry. Upon further viewing of Josh’s monochrome writing and his mini-biography, how in the heck do these people get jobs as journalists at the major house organs without possessing basic thinking skills?

Forget I asked that.

4:27 am on October 24, 2012