Was the bailout vote a factor in elections?

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Writes JB:

Is there any way I can easily find out how many supporters of the The Bailout of Abominations lost their seats in the November 4 election?

While I do have your October 03, 2008 LRC Blog post Roll Call Vote for the Bailout for Billionaires, is there any way to quickly cross reference it with the election results? I’d like to know, based on their Bailout vote, who won and who lost.

I’m definitely too lazy to go through the House on this myself, so if anyone has seen such a list let me know. Just glancing at the Senate,though, I see that among the yes votes, Sununu (NH) and Smith (OR) are now both gone. Dole (NC) was unseated, but Dole voted no. The voters of Alaska (for whom I have more contempt daily) look like they’ve returned the monstrous Stevens to the Senate, and Stevens voted for the bailout, as did most of the Democrats who were returned to the Senate this year. The horrific Norm Coleman may have been returned also.

I’m not sure there’s any tale of justice found here. Most of the no votes in the Semate came from GOP Senators. Dole’s vote against it didn’t save her, and it just doesn’t seem to have been a factor in any race I followed. If it was a factor in local races where you were, I’d be interested to hear about it.

8:36 pm on November 7, 2008