Warren Buffett – White House Agenda Czar

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Warren Buffett’s ghostwriter’s latest column in the New York Times is remarkably shoddy. The flattery of public officials that appears in all of his columns is nauseating.

To be sure, we’ve been doing this for a reason I resoundingly applaud. Last fall, our financial system stood on the brink of a collapse that threatened a depression. The crisis required our government to display wisdom, courage and decisiveness. Fortunately, the Federal Reserve and key economic officials in both the Bush and Obama administrations responded more than ably to the need.

How many times can the media use the cliche about the US economy being “in the emergency room?” And once again, it takes “wisdom” and “courage” to exercise authoritative control over other people and their money, and run up the largest deficit in US history. Gee, I’m so infused with admiration I can hardly stand it. While he properly sketches the problem of skyrocketing spending and debt, and the impending dollar problem, he, as an ally of the regime, must tell the members of the regime how they did such a ‘great’ job of getting us to the brink of disaster. How can anyone stand to read this conformist slop anymore? Also, don’t miss his priceless poke at carbon emissions and melting icebergs.t

8:59 am on August 20, 2009