Warning to All Hopeful and Expectant Mothers

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Sen. Susan Collins [R-ME] has introduced legislation “that could force the Transportation Security Administration to commission an independent study” of the risks its porno-scanners pose to our health (far be it from the senator to honor her oath of office and abolish the TSA because it violates the Constitution).

“Collins said she was motivated to introduce the bill by the daughter of a constituent who had a miscarriage after undergoing an airport security screening. ‘We will never know for certain the cause of this family’s loss,’ Collins said in a statement. ‘But they believe in their hearts the backscatter is to blame.’” Umm, Susie? Way, way, way too feeble. A child has died: you can do better than yet another study.

And through it all, “TSA Chief John Pistole has repeatedly defended the safety of the agency’s screening machines…”

10:35 am on February 1, 2012