War Profiteering? Blatant Plunder? Shocking, Simply Shocking!

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Butler, lest we forget, Tony gets upset when his war plunder is revealed. Last March he threw a hissy fit when British newspapers revealed that he was making $30 million from oil deals.

I know firsthand that U.S. officials are often offered munificent benefits from special interests — to be collected after they retire, of course. It’s pretty obvious that Tony’s moolah is in that category – hence his petulance.

And it’s not just PMs. The New York Times reported last fall that my former senate staff colleague, Peter Galbraith, stands to make a cool $100 million on an oil deal with the Kurds.

Hillary Clinton has urged all college graduates to go to work for the government. Apparently, it pays pretty well.

12:12 pm on May 27, 2010