WaPo Slander of Rand Paul

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Writes Rand Paul: “The Washington Post recently claimed that I was paid to be a surrogate speaker for my father, Ron Paul. This is an outright lie.

“I was never paid to speak for my father. In fact, the vast majority of the time, I was not even reiumbursed for expenses. I travelled to St. Louis, Paducah, Elizabethtown, South Carolina, Nashville, Louisville, Washington, DC, and New Hampshire (four times) at my own expense. I paid to transport my entire family to New Hampshire to go door-to-door for my father.

“I never received any salary from the campaign. The campaign did pay my air fare (coach) to Montana for two speeches.

“They say we should take solace in the fact that Ron Paul is still important enough to attack, but I’m still too mad to be mollified.”

12:49 pm on May 28, 2008