Walter the Great

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Writes Trent Hill:

I just returned from Dr. Block’s wonderful lecture at Loyola in New Orleans. Some friends and I (members of the local Young Americans for Liberty chapter) found out that he was going to deliver the same lecture he gave in Baltimore–so we piled into a vehicle and caravaned down to New Orleans (from Baton Rouge, a 1.5 hour drive one-way). In the 2 hours of lecture, and 30 minutes of Q&A, Dr. Block delivered the most effective defense of the free market system I have ever heard. He was affable, humorous, and impressively impassioned by the ideas he articulated.

During the course of his presentation, Dr. Block specifically stated which parts of the speech were given in Baltimore, and which parts were added for our benefit. Generally speaking–when someone is confronted about a radical thought, he will moderate his message in an effort to appear more reasonable. Dr. Block, far from a coward, offered us even more radical solutions in the face of his critics. During the course of the 2.5 hours he was speaking or answering questions, Dr. Block presented cogent deconstructions of the welfare state, minimum wage, unions, and supposed racism and sexism in the market place.

The crowd obviously enjoyed the speech, and he received several bouts of laughter. With over 125 students and faculty present (I counted), only one member of the so-called Diversity Task Force bothered to show his face, which Dr. Block, being the gentleman and scholar he is, thanked him for.
When the floor opened up, Dr. Block encouraged questions–but asked that his critics come up first. No one stepped forward. After waiting several long seconds, he opened up the floor to anyone. Several people stepped forward to ask technical questions, but were obviously in agreement. Then, the lone member of the Diversity Task Force stepped forward to offer his criticisms. I’ll not comment on them, except to say they were more of the type we had seen from the Diversity Task Force, and which pervade all of academia–mostly ad hominem.

Afterwards, I approached Dr. Block and told him how we had driven 1.5 hours to come see his lecture, he responded that “that’s very courageous”. How humble of a man is he who thinks driving an hour and a half to support his fight is courage, while he is standing up in the face of the cultural Marxism that has saturated all Universities.

12:38 am on March 26, 2009