Walter Block’s Upcoming Speeches

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Why do I gad about all around the country, giving speeches? To promote liberty, that’s why. My mentor, guru, guide in this—as in many other things—is Murray Rothbard. I am merely trying to emulate him to the best of my ability, and to give back to some younger people what he kindly and generously gave to me some years ago. Here’s my upcoming schedule:

Oct 1: Newark, N.J., Rutgers Newark Law School, 123 Washington Street, room 125, Baker Trial Courtroom; 8–10pm, topic: socialized medicine; contact: Steve Link,, 201-788-5108
Oct 2: Newark, N.J., Seton Hall University, 1109 Raymond Blvd, 1 Newark Center; probably 5th Floor Faculty Library, noon–2pm; topic: socialized medicine; contact: Alessandro DiStefano,; 617-894-5436.
Oct 5: New York, N.Y., Cardozo Law School, noon–1:30pm; 55 Fifth Avenue (corner of 5th Ave & 12th St), room 206; topic: socialized medicine; contact: John Safarli,; 206-909-9963
Oct 6: Baton Rouge, LA., Southern University, Room 129 in AA Lenoir Hall at noon–2pm. Contact: Cindy Manuel, Barry Manuel,, Ross LeBlanc,, 504-236-2451; topic: medical socialism

You’ll note that all four of these talks will be on health care. I wish I hadn’t allowed ALL of these people to bully me into speaking on this one topic (there ARE other topics that are now of interest), but my feeling is that the people who invited me know more about their local audiences than I do. I am, in any case, a world class wuss when it comes to things like this.

12:22 pm on September 27, 2009