Walter Block’s Upcoming Lectures

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In the next little while, I’m going to be a busy boy.

On Thursday, March 22, I debate Prof. John Clark of the Loyola Philosophy Dept. on “Two very different anarchist philosophical traditions.” His views, I think, will be aligned with Kropotkin, Chomsky, and Bookchin; mine with Spooner and Rothbard. Room 208 Miller Hall. Free lunch at 12:15, debate starts at 12:30pm.

On Friday, March 23, I’ll be attending our Austrian Economic Seminar: 3:30pm–5:30pm, Miller Hall, Room 324; free dinner afterward. We will be discussing this book: Wagner, Richard (2010). Mind, Society and Human Action: Time and Knowledge in a Theory of Social Economy. London: Routledge.

On Monday, March 26, I start my 6 week Mises Academy on line course on my book Defending the Undefendable. Register here. You need not purchase it from the Mises Institute, because they also make it available for free.

On Tuesday, April 3, I’ll be in Vancouver, British Columbia speaking for Mises Canada. The Railway Club. 7–9pm. Contact: Michael McConkey

On Wednesday, April 11, I’ll be giving two talks in Lake Charles, LA at McNeese State University. Contact: [], Mike Kurth (337) 304-3638; I’ll be speaking on “End the Fed” at lunch, and talking about the Austrian Business Cycle theory in the afternoon. I depart from Loyola at 9am and return after my second seminar. I’ve got room in my car for 4 people, if any Loyola or Tulane students want to make trip with me; free dinner on the road.

On Thursday, April 12. New Orleans. Loyola University. I will be addressing Prof. John Clark’s philosophy class at 2pm on the economics of sweatshops. If any Loyola or Tulane students want to attend, please get in touch with me.

On Saturday, April 14, I’ll be speaking in Minneapolis-St. Paul (actually Eau Claire, WI) at the Wisconsin-Minnesota combined Libertarian Party convention. Contacts: Bob Odden (612.987.2063) and Scott Mallek (

Thursday, April 19, will be a busy day for me. First, I’ll be attending this seminar: Free lunch at 12:15pm, talk starts at 12:30pm ; Miller Hall Room 208; Prof. Alexander Padilla: The Political Economy of the Pornography Industry

Then, at 2pm I drive to speak at The University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL. Contact: Alfred Cuzan [] I will be making two presentations, one on Thursday evening, 4/19, to the general public on “Adam Smith and the Austrian School: Applications of their Theories to Contemporary Problems.” Then, on Friday, April 20, I’ll be addressing a group of students there on von Mises’ Liberalism and Socialism. I depart back for NO in the afternoon. Again, free dinner on the road, plus free motel room for Loyola students.

On May 12–13, I’ll be speaking in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Contact: Helio Beltrao,; Fernando [] I will be giving two lectures there, one on “Public Goods/Market Failures/Externalities” and the other about “Non aggression axiom and Private Property and its dilemmas

On July 22–28, I’ll be at Auburn AL at the Mises U. All students interested in Austrian economics and libertarian political philosophy should attend. Register here.

Sept 27–Oct 2. Bodrun, Turkey. Thursday September 27 to Tuesday October 2, Robert Groezinger; Administrative Secretary; Property and Freedom Society;

October 26–27. Atlanta. Mises Institute’s 30th anniversary conference at Callaway Gardens, Georgia.

2:35 pm on March 19, 2012