Walter Block Speeches for the San Francisco Bay Area This Weekend

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If you’re in the SF Bay area this weekend, c’mon down and join me for two of my upcoming speeches. Both are free and open to the public. The first will be for a mainly libertarian audience, the second for an audience that I suspect will be less supportive. They are as follows:

Nov 5. Berkeley, CA. Students for Liberty, UC Berkeley, 20 Barrows Hall; Fri. 5 at 8:00 P.M. Topic: “Advanced Libertarianism: Roads, Immigration, Environment, Military: How free markets make sense both ethically and economically.” Dr. Block has written books on two of these topics: Privatization of Roads and Highways and Economics and the Environment: A Reconciliation. Contact: Casey Given,; (831) 905-4508;

Nov 7. Palo Alto, Humanist Community in Silicon Valley, “Libertarianism: a Humanistic approach to political thought: means and ends, immigration, war, drugs, minimum wage, and environment (as religion).” Sunday at 11A.M. – noon (followed by lunch) at the Student Center of Palo Alto High School at the corner of Embarcadero Road and El Camino Real in Palo Alto.  Contacts: Brian Davis; Arthur Jackson; Arthur Jackson [];;; Humanist Forum,

Also, later on today, Nov. 3, I’ll be on this libertarian radio show: Baldy and The Blonde Radio Show. WGSO 990 AM; Tom Kowitz;;;; QE2, the election; 5pm, central time

12:58 pm on November 3, 2010