Waiting for a Free Market

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Waiting for a free market in America is like Waiting for Godot. It’s not going to happen until the dinosaur governments, federal, state and local, collapse or disappear. Look at the brute force used with the electric car, in today’s news. Cave men supposedly used clubs, like Alley Oop. American governments are the same. They uses standards, subsidies, price controls, and edicts. The clubs are economic. They love to wield the power. They love to inflict their pet whims. They love to wreck markets. Obamacare is an example. But these cavemen find support. Automakers like Toyota, Honda and Subaru applauded the new moves. So did the Sierra Club.

UPDATE: I have no knowledge of the Tesla, which has its fans and its detractors. I neither endorse nor criticize it. My focus is government. On that score, Dana Albrecht points out the interesting fact that Texas has placed obstacles in the path of Tesla dealers and would-be owners. The auto dealers in competing brands are behind this. No matter whether you are pro-electric or anti-electric, governments stand ready to provide you with edicts to support your cause if you pay them off or find politicians who share your views. In principle and much of practice, there cannot be free markets in the presence of government swords of Damocles.

7:26 am on October 25, 2013