Vote Republican at Any Level of Government?

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Thank you for the chart on the growth of government, James, in your post on voting for “either big government party.” I have long observed, but never posted here to my knowledge, that we have more government, more government debt, more government spending, and more government tyranny at all levels than ever before (EPA, TSA, drug war, seat belt laws, bike helmet laws, raw milk raids, foreign wars, drone strikes, cop brutality, etc., etc., etc.), yet we have had more Republicans elected to office on the federal, state, and local levels in the last twenty years than at any time in recent memory and probably not since Reconstruction. Republicans even control both the House and Senate and governorship in several states and things are no different there. And of course, Republicans controlled both houses of Congress and the presidency for over four years under George W. Bush and what did it do for us but put us on the road to bigger government, further debt, increased spending, and more tyranny that Obama has merely continued traveling. Why on earth would anyone think, and especially libertarians, that voting Republican at any level was the answer?

N.B. I am certainly not advocating voting for any Democrats either.

2:59 pm on October 21, 2012