Vote for the Non-Christian!

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One of the more amusing parts of this election was watching the now-irrelevant Christian Right (see here and here) rally its rank and file to vote for a non-Christian. Some Christian evangelical groups have for years held workshops and seminars explaining how Mormons are members of a cult. (As a Catholic I agree they’re non-Christians, although I’m not sure the “cult” description is accurate, and some of these people refer to Catholics as cultists also.) This year, once Romney got the nomination, these same people, who have for years maintained that one should only vote for a Christian, started rallying around Romney.

A perfect example was Robert Jeffress of First Baptist Church of Dallas. “Even though he’s a cultist, you must vote for Romney,” he told us. Why? Obama is like Hitler. Oh.

There was, by the way, a Southern Baptist in this presidential race. His name is Ron Paul. Evangelical Christian groups came out against him.

8:37 am on November 8, 2012