Vote for Ron Paul

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The Houston Chronicle, long an opponent of Ron Paul’s, is running a “March Madness” poll to determine the “most effective congressman” in Texas. By this, they do not mean the person who most advances the cause of peace, freedom, honest money, and human flourishing, but rather the one who best serves the interests of the power elite. Nevertheless, it would be nice to see Ron win it, if only to bug the Chron. Voting on the first bracket ends tomorrow night at midnight. Vote here and often, as he moves up in the brackets, and Go, Ron! (Thanks to Jesse Benton)

UPDATE I’m getting email asking how one votes for Ron, and indeed the poll is not clear. Scroll down to the SOUTH TEXAS “bracket.” You can vote for Ron right under the graphic. NB: Ron was behind before I posted this. Now he is at 67% 81% 92% 94!

UPDATE from Jack Slater:

One other glitch I noticed: Sometimes when arriving at the page, the current poll results are displayed as bar graphs, with none of the radio buttons for voting. A simple page refresh cured this for me.

8:14 am on March 24, 2010