Voice of Liberty?

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This morning, Dr. Niskanen of Cato was on C-span (the news-reading and call-in show). I heard his answer to “What was the biggest problem with the latest bailout?” I was listening for what I thought any libertarian would say — something along the lines of “The government is spending borrowed money to solve a problem that its incessant interference with producers, and its exuberant disregard for common sense and market dynamics had directly caused.” and that “This wouldn’t work and wasn’t very smart.” Instead, he said that the government didn’t pay enough attention to bailing out housing, i.e., the $15,000 home buying tax benefit had been reduced to $8,000. Happily, several callers who sounded had very intelligent questions and comments — several of which were truly libertarian. Thank goodness for barbers and other real people who really matter!

8:44 pm on February 14, 2009