Virginia Offers NDAA’s Prey a Sanctuary

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Virginia has passed a law, effective July 1, 2012, forbidding its various lackeys from cooperating should the Feds or the military try to kidnap a serf and cage him indefinitely under the NDAA — you know, the National Defense Authorization Act that the US Congress overwhelmingly approved and Obummer signed though he never, ever intends to exploit its powers (yep, he actually disdains our intelligence enough to have advanced that claim; with a straight face, no less).

I doubt that the NDAA threatens any dissidents right now: Generally, tyrants go after their political competitors first. But once the Demopublican in the White House has neutralized all the Republicrat congresscriminals and local pols (or vice versa, depending on which party owns the fat butt sponging off our taxes on Penn Ave), watch out: our Rulers will be after you next. At that point, consider fleeing to Virginia — especially because the national borders will likely have closed completely by then (gotta defend the country from all those doggone fruit-pickers and toilet-cleaners, by gum. Alas, walls that keep them out keep us in). Thank God, the legislation extends Virginia’s sanctuary to all “United States citizen[s],” not just its own residents.

8:16 am on April 19, 2012