Video Update: OK Governor Roundly Booed at State GOP Convention

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On Saturday Governor Mary Fallin was roundly booed by hundreds of delegates during her address to the Oklahoma GOP State Convention when she called on the assembled delegates to unite behind Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. In a haughty and stentorian tone, Fallin said Romney was the party’s decided choice (as if votes in remaining contested state primaries and caucuses throughout the nation were already negated) and Ron Paul’s substantial grass-roots candidacy and wide support among the Sooner State party faithful did not exist. At this disdainful treatment the crowd erupted in volcanic shouts of “Ron Paul, Ron Paul,” and the governor quickly exited the stage. As for the rest of the convention’s duplicitous proceedings, they would have made Mayor Boss Daley and his Chicago ward heelers proud.

12:46 pm on May 14, 2012