Vaccination Time – Just Another Hallmark Holiday?

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Once upon a time, Hallmark aligned with a criminal organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to propagandize in favor of vaccinating children. The company has what it calls a “key national program” that gets the usual warm & fuzzy moniker: For America’s Babies. From the Hallmark website:

We assist in protecting the health of our youngest citizens with For America’s Babies, a partnership with state governors who send cards provided by Hallmark to new parents in their states. The cards welcome the tiny new residents and remind parents about the importance of immunization with a detachable immunization record.

The “new baby” cards sent to new parents include an immunization record so parents can be reminded to blindly follow the conventional wisdom of the pro-pharmaceutical, medical establishment. Though this program has received a lot of heat from critics in recent days, according to Hallmark’s website this program has been going on for sixteen years, though only twenty-nine states have enrolled in the program. Hallmark has stated that the company “supplies the cards free of charge to each governor’s office, and the state coordinates delivery through hospitals, county health departments or direct mail” and “CDC physicians review the card each time a new one is produced to confirm that it correctly represents CDC recommendations.”

2:14 pm on December 11, 2011