Utterly Incredible, Literally

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I’m not the only one thinking Boston’s spinmeisters need some serious help, perhaps some professional novelists who can come up with a believable story, complete with believable motives — not, “He’s a Chechan” as if that explains everything– instead of the insulting nonsense they’re handing the serfs.

Eli Cryderman writes me, “Oh, and then knock off a 7-11 and do some car-jacking when your pic is plastered on every TV and website?!?!?!?!  LOL!!!  Guess they needed a slurpee but couldn’t pay for it?  They have the funding to build bombs but not cornnuts?  They’re ‘smart’ enough to plant bombs and simultaneously detonate them, avoid identification for 4 DAYS and just hang around the area with the largest concentration of police, FBI, ATF, etc.?!?!?! This is getting just ridiculous…that people still believe anythign the FedCoats say….

Eli also wants to know whether Our Rulers will “dump the [‘suspects”] bodies at sea in keeping with Muslim (and CIA) tradition.”

9:35 am on April 19, 2013