US Post Office Rejects the Government’s Christmas Airwaves?

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Well, one post office in particular. This letter is from a long-time reader and correspondent, Jean Carbonneau, from Maine. Over the past few years, I have sent Jean some of my CDs that represent the spirit of anti-government airwaves, as I wrote about here. He writes:

This is my favorite time of the year, and one of the honored traditions that goes with the Christmas is the music. Thanks to Karen DeCoster, and her ear for fine music, I get to even enjoy it further. The variety of artists, and styles of music is simply priceless, and is a wonder for my ears.

I even bring some of what she has sent me to work (I work at the Circus that Never Leaves Town, aka the US Delayed Mail Service) and while the music is playing, I will look and see the customers in line either moving their lips to the song, or swaying their heads. Of course, they come to my counter and compliment the Post Office on the music. I don’t tell them I bring it in, but this adds further that indeed, people enjoy listening to good music. I so appreciate the kindness that Karen has shown to me, and I will always cherish this time of year because of the great music.

I wonder – is this considered to be an insurgency?

5:35 pm on December 25, 2012