US Playing Both Sides in Egypt

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Not surprisingly, it seems that while the US was looting the taxpayer to shower the dictator Mubarak with crisp $100 bills, it was also training some anti-Mubarak dissidents. It wasn’t much of an opposition, of course, since the US government wants Mubarak to stay in power and has no problem with the brutality of his regime. But there’s no harm in training a few agent provocateurs, right? Also, from the US state’s point of view, in the unlikely event that the opposition actually manages to topple the dictator, it will then have a friend in the new regime. But realistically, the Feds probably viewed the activist as just an informant to buy off, as the memos reveal.

Unfortunately for US prestige in Egypt (as if it couldn’t get any lower), WikiLeaks has made it all public.

11:14 pm on January 28, 2011