‘US and EU Played Central Role in Supporting Protestors in Kiev’

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I am interviewed on Voice of Russia Radio today on what is happening in Ukraine, what has happened, and what should be done about it. As often happens, interviewers ask me what I think the Ukrainians should do to solve the very difficult situation they are in at the moment. And once again I point out that the real solution is US non-interventionism, is for the US to finally disengage and leave the Ukrainians alone. Stop trying to foment regime change, stop propping up the current group that has taken power by coup. Leave Ukraine alone!

Here is my answer to the VOR question, “If we go back to Ukrainian issue, in your view, what can be done right now to eradicate extremism in this country and how do you expect the events in Ukraine and Crimea to develop in the nearest future?”:

The institute that I work for, the Ron Paul Institute, is not in the business of telling Ukraine what to do to eradicate extremism, but what the US should do is stop supporting, stop underwriting extremism, stop pretending that the people in the streets who are putting up their hands in the Hitler salute, that they stop pretending that this is not happening, stop pretending that the so-called peaceful demonstrators were not shooting, beating and burning police officers, face reality and stop subsidizing them. I am certain the majority of Ukrainians do not approve of these people and we are seeing this disapproval in eastern Ukraine where people are rising up against extremists. So, the US needs to back off and that will go a long way towards getting rid of these extremists.

Please read the whole interview here if you are interested. And follow me if you are interested.

11:40 pm on March 3, 2014