Update on Michael Schmidt Farm Raid

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This is an update to my earlier post about Michael Schmidt and Glencolton Farm. Dave Gumpert has posted that Michael Schmidt’s Ontario farm was raided by three different agencies in connection with a scrapie sheep case.

He could be looking at 14 years in jail in connection with conspiracy charges in connection with the scrapie sheep case from last April.

The agents didn’t actually have any kind of indictment or charges, just a search warrant that gave them authority to confiscate the four computers at his Glencolton Farm, and to copy all the information from all iPhones they could find. But the warrant indicated that the search was in connection with potential conspiracy charges for Schmidt’s suspected involvement in the sheep case. The agents were from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), as well as provincial and local police.

The agents also had authority to confiscate all electronic equipment, including the videos or other equipment of anyone who wanted to record the events. When Schmidt’s wife, Alyssa, began to take photos, they confiscated her camera. A guest from Germany staying at Schmidt’s farm had his iPhone confiscated when he began recording the search.

In an interview from June, Schmidt discussed the CFIA’s slaughter of 31 sheep, and he compared the government’s tactics for animal genetic cleansing with that of the Hitler regime. He notes, “I am aware that I as a consequence to my public statement might be subject to an investigation and possible charges related to the sad sheep saga.”



3:44 am on August 3, 2012