Unpatriotic (and Bloodthirsty) Neocons

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Now that the whole world knows that there never were any WMDs in Iraq, and that the pathetic old bastard Saddam Hussein never posed a threat to America, all the mindless, knee-jerk, Republican Party sychophants, such as the ones at FreeRepublic, the Dittoheads, Hannityheads, Fox News Channel blabbermouths, and others, are failing to live up to the fact that they (and we) were lied to. They will apparently never admit that they were snookered by the neocon establishment.

One consequence of this is that the war will go on, because the above-mentioned war groupies comprise the hard-core political support for Bush and his war. Young Americans will continue to be killed day in and day out in Iraq, and for what? What could George Bush possibly tell the mother of a young 19-year-old Baltimore soldier who was killed last week after only one week in Iraq? What reason could he give her for why her son had to die?

So, the FreeRepublic/Dittohead/Hannityloving/NationalReviewReading/Bloodthirsty war proponents are directly causing the death of more and more young American soldiers by continuing to support this military aggression. They are Unpatriotic Neocons, in other words, a label that should also be applied to David Frum, Max Boot, Bill Kristol, and all the rest of the neocon establishment and its blind followers.

By continuing to support this war, and even advocating a widening of the war into Iran and Syria, they are putting the lives of more and more young Americans in jeopardy. They don’t seem to care in the least about the daily slaughter of their fellow Americans in Iraq.

To my knowledge, as of today not a single one of the warmongering pasty-faced mama’s boys at the Weekly Standard, Neocon Review, or the Fox News Channel has volunteered for military service in Iraq.

4:51 pm on March 22, 2004