United 93

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James Berardinelli has given United 93 the big thumbs up. (He rarely gives 4 out of 4 stars to a film):

United 93 is powerful not only in the way it provides hope through the actions of a few unlikely heroes, but in its ability to take us back through time to a day many of us would prefer not to remember, but will never forget. The film is remarkable in that not only does it do the big things right, but it flawlessly captures the details. It’s hard to express the growing feeling of dread the film generates as we watch the passengers take their seats and endure the routine that every flier has become accustomed to before takeoff. It’s all so ordinary, but we know how things will end.

If Berardinelli is to be trusted, and in my experience he usually is, then this film may have a big impact. I would really like to see libertarians get in some early, and for goodness sake tasteful, commentary on the film. Small children have pretty much eliminated my theater-going (yay Netflix!). So consider this a plea for an LRC writer to get to this film and get a review turned in.

2:33 pm on April 25, 2006