Unionism and Discrimination

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(August 13, 2012)

I gave a lecture at Mises Brazil where I covered a variety of interesting topics. The following is a table of contents, so feel free to skip to whichever topic you value the most:

1:30 – Basic Libertarianism (e.g. legitimate title transfer, voluntary exchange), libertarianism and collectivism, and more.
10:00 – The difference between libertarianism and Austrian Economics (intellectual property rights, minimum wage law)
11:57 – Libertarianism and Capitalism (crony v. laissez-faire capitalism)
18:31 – Libertarianism and Unionism
30:32 – Libertarianism and Abortion
39:00 – Libertarianism and Discrimination
50:30 – Questions and Answers

5:38 pm on February 5, 2013