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After our current Puppet-in-Chief signed that economically-ignorant Equal Pay Law, I wrote a blog showing why the entire issue of unequal pay for equal work between men and women was a phantom issue.

But now we actually do have some genuine good news for women when it comes to working in a mixed economy (I’m using the term “mixed” here to refer to an economy with men and women—not the traditional Austrian Economics usage, meaning a partially free/partially regulated economy). According to the latest report, because of gender differences in job preferences (you know–the preferences that feminists claim only exist in the minds of male chauvinist pigs), more men are currently unemployed than women. This is due to the “earth-shaking” fact that the sectors that have been hit the hardest during this economic recession—heavy manufacturing, construction, and transportation–are much more disproportionately staffed with men than women.

Say, I have a “great” idea for President Obamanable. Since he has now signed a law that requires men and women to be paid equally for equal work, perhaps he can sign a law that requires all business sectors to employ men and women equally. This way, during an economic downturn, men and women can be laid off equally!

7:55 am on February 6, 2009