Understanding the NSA Surveillance

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Its scope seems irrational, but it has nothing to do with a few useful terrorists. The spying–indeed all government security and policing–is aimed at those the regime really hates and fears, and wishes to tame, humiliate, rule, and loot: the American people.  It is the same with TSA feel-ups and naked x-rays and all the rest. Tthe state does not seek to protect us, since it could only do that by dissolving.

Nor is it a surprise that Beltwaytarians support the surveillance state. If a think-tank seeks to influence the state by lobbying it, no significant state program can be opposed. Thus all Beltway outfits become lobbyists for the regime, if only to get some goodie for billionaire donors. (Thanks to Tom Woods)

12:25 pm on June 13, 2013