Unconstitutionality of Legal Tender Notes

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What is legal tender? Why is Ron Paul’s drive to end legal tender laws so important? How did we get here? Part 6 of “The U.S. Constitution and Money” on legal tender is available here and here. The legal-tender cases introduced government-controlled paper money into the American monetary system for the first time in 80 years, paving the way for today’s irredeemable legal tender Federal Reserve Notes. Find out why legal tender paper money is unconstitutional and what is constitutional. See how the government breached the Constitution. Read the stirring words of Justice Field’s dissents as he stood against the big government ideas of the Court’s majority. This article examines the thorough debates on this subject in Congress and the Supreme Court, as it continues to summarize Edwin Vieira’s work on the monetary powers and disabilities of the U.S. Constitution.

11:11 am on April 17, 2010