Uh, Why Should Dairy Farmers Have Price Supports in the First Place?

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In the business world, if one supposedly “manipulates” the price of something, that could be construed by the government as a crime. However, let the government manipulate prices, and it is called “protection of hard-working Americans.”

The New York Times reports that unless Congress passes a new dairy bill, the government will be “forced” to purchase milk at inflated prices that could double the price consumers pay in grocery stores. Furthermore, the extra high prices offered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture would divert huge amounts of milk to government stores.

A new farm bill will alleviate that problem, but I don’t see any journalists asking the more relevant question: Why do we have price supports in the first place? If certain farmers cannot make ends meet selling in a free market, then we have to ask why these people are farming in the first place.

12:43 pm on December 21, 2012