Two Wrongs Make A Right After All (At National Review, Anyway)

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There’s a hilarious letter to the editor that is highlighted and placed on the first page of the current issue of National Neocon Review.  The letter praises the Lincoln worshipping propaganda by Rich Lowry in the previous issue, and then declares that all criticisms of the Lincoln regime are to be ignored because, after all, the Confederate government also suspended habeas corpus and enacted a conscription law.  So there.

This is juvenile, elementary schoolish “debate” at best.  Studying and writing about Lincoln and the “Civil War” is not, as National Neocon Review implies, the same as attending a football game where one roots for one team or the other.   It is about discovering the truth.  Criticizing Lincoln does not make one a supporter of the Confederate government any more than criticizing FDR makes one a supporter of the Nazi government

We are supposed to believe that because the Confederate government suspended habeas corpus it is simply irrelevant that the Lincoln regime was a constitutional nightmare.  We are supposed to believe the cartoonish Harry Jaffa, says National Neocon Review, when he says that Lincoln never did a single thing that was unconstitutional, contrary to reality and the writings of several generations of scholars who preceded Jaffa.  This is reminiscent of the canned response to Lincoln critics by the last generation of Lincoln cultists:  Lincoln wasn’t as bad as Hitler or Stalin, they frequently pointed out.  So shut up.

2:10 pm on July 3, 2013