Two Signs That Romney Will Win This Tuesday?

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New York City has three MSM rags: the right-wing New York Post, the left-wing New York Times for the college-educated crowd, and the left-wing New York Daily News for the blue collar crowd. I buy the Sunday New York Daily News because I enjoy doing the Jumble and the two crosswords that are in the Sunday edition. (They also have a good Food and Restaurant section.)

When I bought the Sunday New York Daily News yesterday, I noticed that this left-wing rag endorsed Republican Romney. “How odd,” I thought. I wondered if this was an Establishment seed being planted that Romney was the next Puppet-in-Chief already selected by the Banksters.

Also, a few minutes ago LRC contributor Rolf Lindgren called to inform me of “The Redskins Rule.” That “rule” states that whenever the Washington Redskins lose their home game the Sunday before a Presidential election, the incumbent President loses the election. The single exception to this rule since 1940 was 2004.

The Redskins lost to the Panthers this past Sunday.

1:38 pm on November 5, 2012