Two Minutes Hate, Re: Morning GE

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Lew, your usage of “two minutes hate” was genius! During the rare moments of lucidity I enjoy while my brain is being slow-roasted by my daily injections of Boob Tube, I relish being startled awake by one of those GM commercials. Some guy, the CEO I think, actually has the gall to say something along the lines of, “We put our money where our mouth is.” Really? And here I was thinking they put my money down the same rat hole where their money had gone, while lying, thieving losers in the U.S. Government helped them. The moxie of these people is amazing.

Anyway, your mention that you own a Toyota reminded me of my father, the person most responsible for my early libertarian leanings. He taught me about fiscal responsibility and the lunacy of government gifts way back before either of us had ever even heard the term “libertarian” or the name of Ayn Rand. During my entire childhood he always owned and drove GM cars, without question. Then one day, for some strange reason, my parents tried out a Toyota. Many cars later, they are just as convinced about the quality of Lexus—Toyota’s premium brand—as you are about Toyota generally.

3:03 pm on February 24, 2010