“Whore Towns” and Two Military Concerns

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A former major in the Air Force and LRC reader writes after reading my recent post on the culture of the military:

You write well concerning the state of loose sexual mores and the prevalence of sexual crimes in the military. I had been exposed to the whore-mongering of the US military at overseas locations located in impoverished economies and how there was nothing done by commanders to discourage it. Indeed, commanders sent medical troops into the villages to do regular VD checks and treat the women. At one base I was stationed at a free bus provided by the local “whore town” would arrive every ten minutes before and after work, and was filled to capacity.

Here are his two military concerns:

“The first concern in the military is to keep things local, that is, not to let anyone higher up be troubled by it. The second concern is to gloss everything over so that it quietly goes away, keeping in mind that the greatest motivation of military officers is to preserve their careers, get promoted, and obtain a retirement pension.”

2:41 pm on March 25, 2014