Two Important Upcoming Events at Loyola University New Orleans

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Friday, October 7. Professor Robert Higgs, Crisis and Leviathan. I regard Prof. Bob Higgs as THE preeminent US economic historian now practicing. His analysis of the ratchet effect, and the dating of the end of the Great Depression (hint: it was not 1941) are superlative, and constitute only the veritable tip of the iceberg of his scholarship. This seminar will take place from 3:30–5:30pm, room 324 Miller Hall. Dinner afterward. Please rsvp me at

Saturday, November 5. An all-day conference put on by the world famous Mises Institute. Speakers include Lew Rockwell, Doug French, Walter Block, Robert Higgs, Tom DiLorenzo, Joseph Salerno, David Gordon, Bill Barnett, and a panel of four former students of mine: Daniel D’Amico, Jennifer Dirmeyer, Vedran Vuk, and Andrew Young (the first three are Loyola graduates). It will take place at the Astor Crowne Plaza, 739 Canal Street at Bourbon Street, New Orleans. People travel from all over the country—indeed, from all over the world—to attend a Mises extravaganza such as this one. Happily, this event will take place in the world famous French Quarter. Free to students.

9:01 am on October 3, 2011