Two Examples of Pure Government Evil

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One, Federal laws on marijuana. They’re still the same. They’re still pure evil. The Controlled Substances Act prevents the individual pursuit of happiness in the direction of human beings using plants. This is replaced by the dictates of legal and medical “professionals”. But their rule is as productive of harm as has been that of the professional economists for the last century. They want a market for their “medical supervision”, prescriptions and drugs. Congress is a dysfunctional organization of know-nothing lawyers and political science majors who listen to these “experts”. Two, this government is intent on strangling Iran and its people. This too is pure evil.

The  malevolent, strangling and stupid federal government should be entirely optional. Let those sign up for it who want it, and then obey its laws. Let their neighbors  who want to run their own lives say goodbye to it by not signing up and not obeying its laws.

10:36 am on May 19, 2013