Two Days of Truth Telling

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Join me along with a great lineup — including Peter Schiff, David Stockman, and Lew Rockwell — at the Mises Institute’s Mises Circle in Manhattan on September 14. Details here (and Facebook page here). I’ll also be speaking that night at the Fifth Annual Ron Paul Freedom Dinner (limit 100).

The next day, September 15, an event featuring several Mises Institute scholars from the Circle event (Lew, Joe Salerno, and Walter Block) will take place at Columbia University: “A Prelude to The Prince: Thoughts on Power and the State from an Austro-Libertarian Perspective,” Room 501 Northwest Corner Building (Broadway and 120th st.), 2:00pm. And finally, also on the 15th, I myself will be speaking near Spartanburg, South Carolina.

10:31 am on August 31, 2012