Two Cool Web Tools

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FacebookTwitterShare provides RSS feeds as e-mail once a day in a visually pleasing format. I quickly set up, for example,, LRC, NYT National & International and The Onion feeds to be delivered by 7am each morning. I receive a single e-mail with the headlines and article summaries for the day from each of these feeds and click on the headlines of articles I want to read in full. This is a very nice option for those who haven’t taken to newsreaders but would like to get headlines from their favorite web sites in their inbox each morning. And it’s free! [Thanks MacBreak Weekly]

Googlepedia is a Firefox add-on, but it is oh so cool and useful I have to mention it. It modifies your google searches so that they bring up the Google results on the left side of the window and the most relevant Wikipedia entry on the right side, (see examples). If you click a link in the Wikipedia article you, once again, get the Google/Wikipedia results side by side. It sounds like a small thing, but if you often use the Web for research you’ll wonder how you lived without this. [Thanks Inside the Net (now net@nite)]

2:46 pm on October 30, 2006