Turkey Withdraws Troops From Northern Iraq

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… according to the New York Times.

When Bush invaded Iraq, he offered Turkey a bribe of $35 BILLION (your money) to allow him to send troops across Turkey’s border with Iraq.

The invasion was in the name of “democracy.” Yet Bush tried to bribe the Turkish government to ignore its democratically-elected congress, which had voted against granting Bush’s demand.

This bears close watching. Remember, Richer Perle used to represent Turkey. In the late 1980s, he sent his lobbyist to see me on Capitol Hill. Perle, the man told me, merely “advised” Turkey, and would not register, either as a foreign agent or a lobbyist. Why, I asked? Because he wanted to be confirmed by the Senate for another position someday, came the all-too-candid answer.

10:47 am on February 29, 2008