Tuesday Is the Day

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That is when the inflationist, bankist, Fedist Republican leadership in the House will give Ron Paul his due—chairman of the monetary subcommittee (or, rather, part of his due, since seniority means he should be chairman of the full committee). I think they will not dare deny it to him, though they might try to keep a “tight leash on him,” as one Boehner-Cantor staffer so charmingly put it. But no matter what they choose—chairmanship, leash, or no chairmanship—the leadership will lose. Ron is already a far bigger figure than Boehner or Cantor. Not in the power to threaten or use violence—a power Ron does not want, and does not believe in—but in the power to raise up a peaceful army for sound money and sound banking. If they try anything, Boehner-Cantor will only diminish themselves.

11:07 am on December 6, 2010